About the skeptic

I started this blog to see how my thoughts on development would evolve over time. I suspect that time spent abroad will have an effect… Over the past few months, I have moved between California, NYC, Washington DC, and Paris, and I have even less certainty about where I will end up next year.

A student at Stanford University in California, I’m interested in economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable economic development, and related paradigm shifts in resource consumption, land rights, food security, and broader access to opportunity.

Besides being a student, I am also a sister, daughter, overprotective friend, researcher/lab rat, editor, painter, dancer, language enthusiast, and super-amateur photographer. [I am currently addicted to, and try to avoid ranting about: desserts, travel, Argentine tango/salsa, meaningful relationships, and living a fulfilling life.]

Feel free to comment or message me with questions or opinions! I love getting feedback–especially constructive criticism!

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