Milan & Genoa: A Colorfully Sophisticated Hodgepodge

Following a weekend in cold, cloudy Edinburgh, I spent the next weekend in Milan and Genoa (Genova in Italian). Expecting cold stone buildings reminiscent of Paris in another “world capital of fashion,” Milan instead surprised me with its color, warmth, and friendly people, and a distinctly more relaxed charm than Paris. I still associate it with walking by the business district and seeing a 50-60 year old man, well-groomed, in a well-fitting black suit and crisp white shirt–and a neon orange silk tie.

A Genoa skyline

A colorful building along the coastal highway in Genoa

The beach in Genoa

Another Genoa skyline… coherent in its eccentricity

One of the many colorful old buildings/palaces in Genoa

The entrance to a residence in Genoa

Walking down ancient roads in Genoa, as in Milan.. tiled streets that reflect the afternoon light, and colorful stone buildings that are simultaneously imposing and charming

The Duomo of Milan

Inside the Duomo in Milan

The beautiful covered market near the Duomo in Milan

Inside the covered market/gallery

The castle [fortress] of Milan

One of the main canals in Milan

The skeleton of an ancient temple/church in central Milan

A typical lunch spot in downtown Milan–eating street food surrounded by old stone buildings

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Every nation's refugee. But more specifically, an open-minded French- and Russian-speaking former Moldovan-Ukrainian jumping between New York and California. Who hugs trees but tries to be logical about it. And wants to heal this broken planet by helping others help themselves.

41 responses to “Milan & Genoa: A Colorfully Sophisticated Hodgepodge”

  1. rachelynne says :

    Wow, you’ve got some great pictures!!

  2. Niki, unifiedspace says :

    Aw, that’s so sad you didn’t like Edinburgh. We have had a terrible summer of weather due to the jet stream relocating itself! Our city is stunning in better weather. We have had a great week of warm sunny weather and the wild flowers are lighting up the hills and the sandstone architecture is glowing in the sun. You will have to come back another time!

    • Development_Skeptic says :

      I actually loved Edinburgh! (And said about as much in a previous post). I just meant to draw a contrast to the 75F+ weather in Milan when I went there right after seeing Edinburgh. I hope to go back to Edinburgh soon [regardless of the weather], as well as see the Isle of Skye. Thanks for the explanation though–I had no idea the jet stream was fluctuating so much this year!

      • Niki, unifiedspace says :

        Ahhh, you are forgiven πŸ™‚

        Oh yes, you must come back and visit Skye and the Outer Hebrides Islands too – beautiful.

        Anyway, Im glad to have found your blog and happy travels πŸ™‚

      • hoobnoob says :

        Glad to hear you are giving Scotland another chance. My old man went to university in Edinburgh and I grew up hearing about it. When I finally went to explore I found it really lived up to the hype! Skye is wonderful, and I’d recommend Knoydart if you can get there! Lovely blog, lovely pictures! R

  3. S.C. says :

    I’d like very much to see Italy, the whole thing. I don’t have the time or resources for a vacation, but seeing your photos is pretty good too. Nice stuff!

  4. Inventory London says :

    Really amazing photos! I’ve been to Italy once and I travelled through 5 cities, but unfortunately Milan and Genoa were not among them. Hope that I will be able to visit these beautiful cities some day. By the way, I didn’t know that there are canals in Milan.

  5. restlessjo says :

    Nice to see Genoa featured. I passed through Milan once briefly but remember little other than the Duomo. D’you suppose they would share that house(palace) you spotted through those gates? Fabulous!
    Congrats on FP.

  6. narenkusnur says :

    Beautiful pictures indeed. Inspires me to plan a visit

  7. denisediscovers says :

    Really enjoyed this! I’m looking at going to Europe next year, so your post is useful.

  8. Fatima Kashin says :

    Such a wonderful place!

  9. antheaschronicles says :

    Super pics… inspired to take my next holiday here…

  10. dadasdollhouse says :

    I am from Milan! Thank you for the beautiful photos of my city.

    It ‘a shame that your visit was so short. Milan offers behind the facades of its buildings hidden treasures!

    I suggest you to return during the Salone del Mobile in April. Milan will surprise you!

  11. cheapandlight says :

    Looking forward to going to Italy within the next year….

  12. Chiara's way says :

    I was living in Milan during the last 12 years, now I live pretty close to Genova. Thank you. Really, thank you for all these amazing pictures :o)

  13. hcarlberg says :

    Very nice and lovely pictures!

    You have found the exactly feeling of the the Ligurian town Genua! Even the pitures from Milan is very nice and very much Milan.

    Next time you will take the train for one our down south from Genua and stay in Levanto and then you walk for two ours over the lovely mountains to Cinque Terre and I promise you that you will have many many pictures for your blog-reders!

    Very nice!


    HΓ₯kan Carlberg in Lund, Svezia

  14. OneWeekToCrazy says :

    Great photos…I love that it isn’t as polished as Paris…a little messiness makes for beauty.

    Courtney Hosny

  15. Red Toenails says :

    I. Love. Italy. Next year I will have the chance to go!! But I’m not excited – hehehe…

  16. mfgoffy says :

    Some great pictures of Milan here – beautifully taken. It inspired me to dig up some old Milan photos from when I travelled Europe about 17 years ago. I loved that City. Going to do some posts on my travels of yesteryear soon! Cheers!

  17. Steve says :

    Thanks for showing me Milan and Genoa!

  18. Mikalee Byerman says :

    OK, now you’re inspiring me to research yet ANOTHER trip…

    Darn you, Freshly Pressed gods. Darn you and your inclination to pick REALLY awesome posts about REALLY awesome destinations…


  19. jrnpdx says :

    Very fine selection of photographs. I’m sure, despite the quality, these don’t do justice to thhe actual places.

  20. susielindau says :

    Beautiful photos! Thanks for the tour.
    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

  21. David says :

    Absolutely beautiful! You have quite the eye for photography. Keep up the great work!

  22. Sarah says :

    I was in Milano ages ago (I mean truly ages) and don’t remember canals at all, but do remember that gorgeous covered market. Friends and I went to La Piccolo Scala one evening and had ice cream with some sort of liqueur afterward sitting at little marble tables in that market. Thanks for sparking that nice memory & congratulations on being FP!

  23. gwynnem says :

    Gorgeous photography.

  24. livvy30 says :

    I lived in both places and your photos have brought back happy memories!

  25. A Spare Mind says :

    Gorgeous! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  26. GiRRL_Earth says :

    Beautiful photos!

  27. Young Naija Woman says :

    Really gorgeous Pictures! Now I wanna go visit these beautiful Cities :)…will be following your blog, as I need some photography tips!

  28. Zack says :

    Fantastic photos! I spent five weeks in Italy and was able to visit Venice, Rome, Florence, Assisi, and other places…but I never managed to get to Milan or Genoa. That just means I’ll have to go back!

  29. brookenado says :

    Awesome photos! I was recently in Venice, Florence, and Rome, and seeing your post makes me really want to visit Milan and Genoa, too. Thanks so much for sharing πŸ™‚

  30. A Londoner from Afar says :

    Such lovely pictures! No wonder you go freshly pressed. Congrats. I keep meaning to travel to Milan, and your pics have helped me to decide to get a ticket. πŸ™‚ Are you coming to UK?

  31. the nicepaper says :

    i love your pictures! they totally brought me back to the feeling i had when i visited italy for the first time a couple of years ago. thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

  32. bilingualtranslationmatters says :

    Lovely pictures that bring back great memories for me. Great pic of the Duomo; one of my personal architectural favourites of the city when I lived in Milan. It really does resemble the nickname “the hedgehog”! Italy has inspired and enriched my life in so many ways (even prompted my bilingual children’s book) so I understand the “connection” you made.
    Thank you for sharing it!

  33. John G says :

    Some really great pictures of Milan and Genoa! I had just visited the same area in Genoa, If you ever go back I suggest visiting the area of Cinque Terre near Genoa. The sites are amazing especially for photography, like Genoa it has the bright colored buildings and small beaches. Along with the sites the olive oil from the area is tasty! Look for the signature dish “Teppo Recco”

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