After weeks of seeing limestone upon limestone (not to mention rain every single day) in Paris, going to Giverny made me feel like a kid in a candy store–except the candy became flowers. There was just so much COLOR!!!

As a bit of context, Giverny is a small French town in Normandy, NW of Paris, where the painter Claude Monet spent most of his later years. I was extremely surprised by the house itself: it was relatively small, and infinitely more humble, than most French houses of people who were as wealthy and popular as he was by the end of his life, and especially given that he was born and raised in Paris. I had the impression that his biggest investments were his collection of Japanese prints and his garden. At any rate, it was interesting to see where such a well-known artist spent his life and gained inspiration.

The town itself was very bucolic–ivy everywhere, brick and green.

A view of Monet’s house from the gardens

These two looked almost like they were talking to each other

Walking towards the lily pond from Monet’s gardens

The lily pond!

The cheerful kitchen of Monet’s house (with Japanese prints on every wall, bien sûr)

The view from Monet’s bedroom window. I can’t really blame him for being inspired.


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