Day 2 at WBI and I can feel the bureaucracy seeping into my life here. On the bright side, I get exposed to flashy terms like “fast-start finance,” which in reality looks like this (and doesn’t look so fast at all):

And people still wonder why big organizations and governments are often inefficient at carrying out their goals… (not that I have a solution.) An example from both EDF and the WB: I’m asked to research–online, rather than in internal databases–what another branch of the organization [in the same geographic location] is doing, because knowledge apparently doesn’t circulate in big organizations (in the sense that Branch A has no idea what Branch B is working on). Rather maddening and sad at the same time.

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Every nation's refugee. But more specifically, an open-minded French- and Russian-speaking former Moldovan-Ukrainian jumping between New York and California. Who hugs trees but tries to be logical about it. And wants to heal this broken planet by helping others help themselves.

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