Casting off your own flesh

A different take on the downsides of relying solely on casinos for reservation revenue:

In California, Indian Tribes With Casino Money Cast Off Members

While I doubt that asking Congress to intervene on the behalf of “ejected” members would be supported by these tribe governments, I can’t think of another way to convince tribes that this is detrimental to their existence. Trimming your population may make your own dividends larger, but if in two generations there are only 20 members remaining, that’s not a healthy sign. (Hence, “strength in numbers.”)

Other autonomous places, like Azerbaijan’s Nagorno-Karabakh region, are paying locals to have more children, and many other parts of Russia and elsewhere with dwindling population growth are welcoming outsiders. (Simply having more children is not sustainable on any level, but this is besides the point.) Genetic bottlenecks and feuds are often inevitable when the basis for membership in a society is one’s bloodline, which we cannot change once we’re born. For a group of societies that have survived for so long, I’m surprised that they choose to act so short-sightedly now.


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